Leading your business through times of uncertainty can easily take its toll on you and your team. When your business is going through a crisis, panicking is never the solution. As a leader, it is your responsibility to recognize the seriousness of the crisis, keep up morale, and move the team through these uncertain times effectively and empathetically. However, especially for new entrepreneurs and leaders, taking on a crisis can be intimidating. These tips will help you to lead by example during times of uncertainty:

Be Decisive and Let Your Team Know

During times of uncertainty, decision-making can be harder than ever before. When it comes down to making a decision in a crisis, there is a lot more pressure. However, it’s important as a leader to make hard decisions and remain calm. Staying calm shows your team strength and they will follow suit, especially when you keep them in the loop about these decisions. A leader should always be the first to announce any news or information before anyone else. It’s imperative to not let someone else or social media tell the story before you. 

Stay Honest Even When It’s Hard

No matter what, a crisis is a crisis, and something bad is bound to come out of it. Although your company or small business can come out on top, there are bound to be some downfalls along the way. Be honest with your team and let them know when something goes wrong. Keeping things from them will only lead to distrust. By staying honest, keeping to the facts, and not being overly optimistic, your credibility among your team will remain intact. 

Show Empathy Towards Your Team

To be an effective leader during uncertain times, your team needs to see it, hear it, and most importantly feel it. Listen to your team and communicate with empathy, and they will do the same. When you lead with empathy, they will follow with empathy and understanding as well. A team that feels heard and understood is more likely to follow their leader through a crisis and trust their decisions. 

Take the Time to Overview

As a leader, it is essential to take the time to circle back with your team. Make sure to review company news, going over new and old information, and answers any questions that they have. posed to you that you didn’t have answers for initially. Even if this means repeating bad news or not even having updates at all, regular meet-ups and discussions can make your team feel more at ease during uncertain times. Leading by example can be difficult, especially through a crisis, but it can help push your team through to the other side and come out on top.