Entrepreneurs are some of the busiest people out there- they have to fill many roles in their business, regardless of they are the only employee or if they lead dozens. Given all that entrepreneurs have to do on a given day, it’s safe to say that time management is key.

The real question is, how do entrepreneurs successfully get it all done? How do they keep everything organized and their thoughts straight? Here are some tried and true time management tips, perfect for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Use Technology

The right pieces of tech can be a real game-changer for entrepreneurs. These days, we use technology for everything – keeping track of schedules, automating simple tacks, you name it.

Entrepreneurs can save time by making the best use of the apps available to them. Use calendar and task management apps to keep schedules straight, automate bill payments, and create reminders.

Schedule Everything

The idea of scheduling everything may feel counterintuitive to some. After all, it takes time to jot down every detail of the day. However, several benefits come with this method.

For one thing, it ensures that nothing slips by the wayside, which in turn guarantees that every task is completed. Secondly, a fixed schedule helps prevent or limit interruptions. An unplanned meeting can only run so long when there’s something else looming on the horizon.

Use the Pomodoro Technique

Stereotypically, most people imagine busy entrepreneurs to be experts at multitasking. However, multitasking isn’t always the most efficient method, especially not for somebody with many detailed tasks to manage.

Instead, try using the Pomodoro technique. That is to say, split the day (and tasks) into blocks and deal with everything accordingly. To start, create a master list of what needs to be done – and organize it by priority.

Next, one simply sets a time limit and begins, working their way down the list. It’s essential to avoid all distractions during this process and focus entirely on working through the list.

Start Simple

When starting the day, sometimes it is best to pick a simple task. Completing a simple task is quick and easy. More importantly – it is a great motivator. There’s nothing more discouraging than coming into work with a colossal task sheet waiting, only to feel like no progress has been made hours later. By starting simple, you can avoid that mental roadblock.