Being a great leader doesn’t mean showing strength, charisma, or boldness all the time. While “humble” isn’t a word most people hear to describe a leader, showing humility and emotional intelligence can make an incredible leader. A leader who is humble, collaborative, and driven by their employee’s well-being is more likely to have strong employee retention and drive their team’s success forward. 

Less Abuse of Power

Power as a leader can easily get to someone’s head and abusing that power becomes more likely. Abuse of power can not only wreak havoc on their team but also the organization as a whole.  A humble leader will act less like a boss and more as a genuine coach or mentor, finding new ways to encourage and inspire others. Rather than clinging to their power and control, making everyone around them miserable, a humble leader will instead give others the opportunity to take control and help their team grow into leaders. 

A Model of Effective Collaboration

When a leader is humble, they are open to listening to others’ ideas and are more interested in the work of the team as a whole. Instead of promoting competition among team members, practicing humility as a leader will encourage and reward collaboration. Not only does this increase their team’s capabilities but it also builds trust among them. Instead of team members constantly competing against one another, they’re able to work together to build a better work environment that will help showcase everyone’s skills and abilities.

Responsibility First and Credit Last

Leaders drunk with power often blame any of the organization’s shortcomings of their team and not on their leadership. A humble leader takes responsibility for any downfalls while also giving credit where credit is due. This team-first mindset shows their team that they only want what’s best for them. When a team sees humility such as this, they are more inclined to go above and beyond. By understanding the importance of praise, appreciation, and acknowledgment, a humble leader is able to motivate their team to give it their all.